The local products’ sale

The wine tasting room and the wine shop “Luminous courts” will with its unique appearance attract the attention of local and foreign tourists , and fulfill their staying at the court by the offer and the sale of products made by the guardians of the Baranja’s tradition. The specificity of the products is the organic breeding of the local animals which are prepared in the traditional way and turned into indigenous meat products, especially kulen/ kulin. Slavonian kulen/ kulin was introduced in the list of protected cultural monuments of Croatia and of dairy products we recommend the cheese. From ecologically grown fruits and vegetables made into compote, jam and all manner of acidic salads, the variety of flavors will enrich people’s lives during the winter period. There is also honey which is the main ingredient in the preparation of the dough for making gingerbread which will with its beauty and the souvenirs adorn the interior of the wine shop.