About us

The winery “Svijetli dvori” is located in the very heart of the village Karanac, the place that is widely known as an ethno village – a tourist destination for numerous of foreign and local tourists. The winery’s old- fashioned looking cellar with the newly opened wine tasting room and a wine shop are a display of the several centuries old tradition of wine production. In order to make good wine, except love, one needs the grape variety of high quality combined with the professional expertise by which we achieved remarkable results in the production and the marketing of wine.

The name of the vineyard “Svijetli dvori“ dates back from the time of Austro-Hungarian reign when it was called “ Vilagos var“, which means “Svijetli dvori“(“Luminous courts”). But the court no longer exists. The old court building was demolished, retaining only the basement – “gator”, a well with a depth of water intakes at 46 meters and an interesting monument – “krajputaš” from 1846 built upon on the orders of Cornel Austro-Hungarian army. Next to the vineyard there is a Turkish path, the former Roman road that was stretching from Batina to Beli Manastir, which was renovated by the Turkish invaders. That is the reason why the people from Baranja region remember the path by the name “Turkish path”.



Vineyards of the winery „Svijetli dvori“

The winery’s vineyards ” Svijetli dvori“ stretch to the south of Bansko Brdo , at the ideal altitude of 160 to 200 meters – narrower sites are Hunjar , Scale mountains , Nađlaz and Perešev hill. The vineyards are exposed to sunlight throughout the whole day which is essential for growing quality grapes, especially graševina , white grape variety which is famous for its quality of good and regular fertility and high quality grapes . The vineyards are in full reproductive force, ages between 7 and 12 years. At the moment, owning about 13 hectares of vineyards, by counting the grape vines we have come to the number of 52,000 vines. As an evidence of our good and hard-working job, there are the awards that our wines have won; Grape varieties , Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay , Yellow Muscat etc. Once you taste them they will tell your senses the most beautiful stories of wines from the Baranja mountain winery “Svijetli dvori“.