Wine tasting room

The winery ” Svijetli dvori ” and the opened door to a wine tasting room and wine shop will attract the attention of all passers-by and visitors to ethno village Karanac, with its unique appearance of old Baranja houses. Feel free to step into the yard and make a few more steps in order to be in front the door. Step inside, do not hesitate, there is a rich selection of Baranja’s winemakers’ wines waiting just for you. Our intention is to provide to visitors the complete satisfaction with our offer, expanding the offer with the additional facilities for the purposes of presentation, wine tasting and sales of other products made by hard-working hands of the guards of the Baranja tradition. Those who believe that Baranja is plainly known for the kulen and fish soup are deceived, because as soon as they taste the wines of the Baranja Mountain , they do not have be wine experts , they will know what a good wine is and it will only make them come back and try some more.